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Vibrant Colours

Optimal Growth

No Chemicals No Pesticides

Tastefully Curated

365 Days of the Year

Locally Grown and Delivered

Botanical Pantry

Receive a selection of seasonal, nutrient-dense, flavor-rich food that will revolutionize your kitchen. It’s like having your own garden.

Order a box for yourself, or send one as a gift to family and friends!

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  • I always love the relationship we have built with Botanical Pantry. Kyle has quality greens, and we always get customized orders reflecting the needs of our client. Just this by itself is priceless

    Their product is incredibly reasonable and long lasting, its right here in Edmonton. Best quality ingredients hands down.

    -Chef Serge

  • We’ve tried many produce delivery services, this is by far our favorite!

Our Mission

"For the past 3 years Botanical Pantry has been working closely with top chefs in Edmonton to create this special offering, and make it available to the public. This really is just the beginning - were on a path to creating carbon neutral farms and need your support to see this dream become a reality. We will be accomplishing this through the use of renewable energy, zero plastics use, zero herbicides and pesticides, recycling agricultural water, and placing our farms in your neighbourhood to reduce the need for long distance trucking and distribution. Importantly, having the indoor farms close to homes & schools ensures food security when we need it most. Come and be a part of this agricultural renaissance and benefit immediately from fresher than ever long lasting produce while we revolutionize farming as we know it."

Kyle Johnston

CEO Botanical Pantry

Kyle Johnston

Kyle Johnston is the proud owner of Botanical Pantry, his brain child that came from a desire to merge technology and the way people interact with our food. With over a decade working in power systems, building infrastructure, and power engineering, Kyle brings a wealth of experience and a process oriented mindset to vertical farming. His goal with Botanical Pantry is to create an easy to implement system for indoor vertical growing that will incorporate underutilized spaces and people's homes in the circular food economy.