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The Executive Chef | Edible Bouquet

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Feeds 4-5 people

Get excited about food again and turn your kitchen into the talk of the town!

The freshest green box in the city of Edmonton. Get an order once a month with fresh, organic goods directly to your door


The Executive Chef Bouquet is a curated experience including a selection of Herbs and Greens that will delight your taste buds. Grown using state of the art vertical farm technology, our produce is fresher, longer lasting, and packed with aroma and flavour. Get great quality regardless of the season!

The Executive bouquet includes a staple list of leafy greens and rotating selection of herbs. The bouquet is grown specifically for you and delivered to your door on a monthly basis.

Available on a recurring monthly or 3 month basis.


How it works – Presale Offer

Subscription plans are billed either monthly or every 3 Months. For members committing to three month billing, Botanical Pantry is offering 25% off for new members for the lifetime of their subscription. Monthly subscribers will receive 10% off for the lifetime of their subscription.

First Deliveries Are Expected Week of July 25th - Initial Subscription billed immediately, Recurring billed after First Delivery

Selection includes:

Leafy Greens | Rotating Selection for the Executive:


Ruby Streaks Mustard

Scarlet Kale

Rainbow Chard

Red Komatsuna (Japanese Spinach)


Red Russian Kale

Golden Frills Mustard


Herbs | Rotating Selection for the Executive:

Giant of Italy Parsley

Calypso Cilantro


Sweet Thai Basil



Teddy Dill

Holy Basil


Genovese Basil


Please note that the selections are subjected to availability in the farm. Botanical Pantry reserves the right to replace components of the product with equivalents that are more expensive. No customizations are allowed at this time. Discount will be automatically applied on the checkout page


Packaged using recyclable materials, each edible bouquet is specially wrapped and bundled to maintain freshness

Shipping & Returns

Products are delivered right to your door. Returns will be handled on a case by case basis


Care Instructions